Martial Arts Publications

of Soke Durbin

Dr. William P. Durbin
The Nature of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei
Advanced Throwing Principles of Okinawan Bujutsu
Advanced Training with the Hanbo-Grappling with the Weapon
Aiki Principle of the Old System: Kito Ryu
Are You the Toughest Guy in the World?
Ashi Sabaki-Combat Footwork of Jujutsu
Bill “Superfoot” Wallace: The Man, Martial Artist, and Teacher
Blind Tradition
Busan-Martial Creativity
Butoku-Martial Virtue
Chokes: How to use Strangling Techniques in Combat
Combat Judo-The Other Side of the Art
Combat Martail Arts
Daikento No Kempo: The Great Fist Sword Of The Martial Arts
Embu: Martial Arts Training For Youth Without Competition